I am the most niched spell caster, and my focus is on black magick money spells. You can't ask for anything more powerful than that! If you are tired of waiting for a weak white magick spell, or an unreliable voodoo magick spell, then you should order my excellent black magick money spell today!


"I won more than 5000 with a euromillion ticket and this happened 9 days after the spell was cast! Your money spell is the best investment I've ever made! :) Thanks HP Luxor!" - Donald S, Manchester, UK

"I couldn't believe my eyes when all my numbers were drawn in the state lottery. I'm forever grateful that the universe guided me to your website!" - Sarah L, LA, USA

Everyone can reaches their goal


"Living a life with economic troubles is not a life worth living," my great grandfather used to tell me. He taught me the secrets to his extravagant lifestyle and carefree efforts in living his life to the maximum! He introduced me to black magick. And now, 35 years later, I am a high-priest with over 50 disciples (whom I have taught this art to), all excellent spell casters and visionary thinkers.

Better late than never to have


Your struggles are over, my friend. If you make the decision here and now, I promise you, you will not be disappointed! You will be in control of your life, having financial independence, and can live a lifestyle that you never thought was possible. Let's forget 2023 and focus on 2024: order my money spell and see how your bank account overflows with money in some months!

How would your dream life look like


Tell me, what would you buy first, with your new riches? Most of my clients decide to buy a nice house for themselves and the family. Some single guys bought luxury cars to impress the ladies. Why not take a year of work and travel the world in first class? I suggest you start making a list of all the things you want to do. You are gonna have so much fun, trust me!

Car or House



My name is High-Priest Luxor, and I will perform your money spell ritual. With me, during your spell cast, will be some of my disciples to empower the spell. This spell is based on the spell that my great grandfather taught me all those years ago. Much has happened since then, and I have tweaked it to increase the success rate to 99% (if I remember correctly, his original version of the spell had only a 91% success rate. Compare that to the spell that I cast for you; it's a big difference!).

Since I am using black magick, it is important that you make a small financial sacrifice (or there will be negative side-effects). Paying for the spell is part of it. The second part is making a donation to an organization that works for the good of others. You decide the amount and organization and you do it after the spell has produced the desired outcome. The important thing with the donation is that you feel satisfied with your choice!

Black Magick Ritual



Expect to be financially free in /Early/Mid 2024! This is my signature money spell; that helped thousands before you to reach their financial independence!

1. Order the spell below.
2. Send an email to:
3. Include your order number, financial situation, your full name, birthdate, country and city of birth, and what you dream of doing when you get financially independent.
4. I cast the spell.
5. DONE!



1- Is it dangerous for me to use black magick spells?
NO, just do as I tell you and donate some of the money after seeing the spell is starting to work. If you feel unsure, then do it within one year from the day the spell was cast.

2- How come you have such high successrate and positive results with your money spell?
The secret to my success is that all my focus is devoted to this specific spell and problem. I have been able to perfect the spell, through years of hard work!

3- When can I expect to start seeing results from your work?
This depends from person to person. On average, the last 500 clients saw results within 3-5 weeks. Please note that we can't predict a specific day the spell will be 100% successful, so the key is being patient and positive if you want to see the result as fast as possible!

The waiting time also depends on your case's difficulty and the positive energies you are creating by being confident it will work. Lastly, we have to state that spells' effects are progressive, and it gains power day after day. So if you don't have full results after five weeks, there's no reason to panic. Just wait for the effects of the spell to reach the highest level of power. This happens 3-9 weeks after the spell is cast.

The delay also depends on the power of your will and of your faith. Don't forget that helping your spell by being positive or with meditation helps make things easier and faster.

4- How much money can the spell generate?
It differs from person to person, but the last 500 clients saw an average increase of wealth with 4,3 million dollars within the first two years.

5- How do I know the spell is working?
Each person and situation is unique, and results appear differently. The only common factor for all clients is the amount of money you start to attract in your life. It can be from glitches in the bank computer systems, winning the lottery, distant relatives putting you as sole heir, etc.

6- Can you give any guarantee that my spell will work?
If you are not happy with the results of the spell when 9 weeks pass, you can ask for a re-cast to reinforce the spell, or you can claim 100% money back after 9 months have passed. ffer 100% money back guaranteed if you are not happy with the spell service. You can request this earliest after 9 months or ask for a free recast after 9 weeks, from the day of the original cast.

7- How can I pay for my spell?
You can use your credit/debit card/bank wire to order the money spell.

8- Once I have bought a spell on your website, what am I supposed to do?

Send an email to: Include your order number, financial situation, your full name, birthdate, country and city of birth, and what you dream of doing when you become financially independent.

As soon as possible, I will contact you, most likely cast your spell within the next 24 hours and confirm it to you.

9- About the St: Patrick's Day Special Luck Spell, what can I expect?

The spell normally takes a couple of weeks before some results start to show. As with the money spell, if you are not happy after 9 weeks, you can ask for an empowering re-cast or a complete refund after 9 months. I only cast this luck spell once per year, and it has been 100% success so far. Expect to increase your luck levels by up to 3000%!



Marc M, USA, bought my financial money spell at the beginning of March 2021. He had told himself it was time to make a change and reach out to the universe and ask for help. Help to turn a misfortune into a life of abundance and happiness. Money itself is not true happiness, according to Marc. "I love the feeling of being able to share my new wealth with people around me. For the first time, I can do so without counting the dollars. But I am still in shock! I can't believe it when I saw number by number pop up on the TV!

I always thought miracles could happen, but I am also fully aware that you have to "ask" for a miracle. May it be a prayer or a spell. Prayers never worked for me, but I heard about your site from a good friend who had his spell cast a month ahead of mine. He was already generating some wealth and was excited about what to come! I am sure he will have the same results as me. Any day now :)"

Marc will donate 1 million dollars to WHO and its program to help vaccinate people in developing countries against COVID-19.

Clients Comments
"Mr.luxor, you casted a lottery spell for me. I need to tell you that thanks to you I didn't lose my home. I was lost and worried all the time about money and debts, my life was a mess until I met you. You change my life and I want to leave my comment to all the people that have the posibility of getting your spells. You are the best!" - Zaulin

"A friend of mine recommended me to contact you. I didn't know what to do. I never was a believer but I felt so sad that I decided to give it a try. You was so sweet with me, you knew how I was feeling and you choose me, you helped me. I ordered the money spell and it worked so fast, my life radically change! I can't thank you enough... I even reconnected with the love of my life and we are getting married in December." - Miguel A.

"High_priest Luxor has worked with me on solving my money issues for over a 3 months now. I still have money problems but I know with he help (He refuses to give up on me) they eventually will be solved. I don't think you could meet a more dedicated spell caster on this planet. If you're looking for someone who cares about your problems and wants them solved then Luxor is the real deal! You can't go wrong. Go for it!" - Glenn F

"Hello friends, I would like to share my store. I was run out of money, I lost my job, my family, friends, kids everything!!! I was devastated so I started trying spell casters that unfortunately never worked until I found High-Priest Luxor. He was sweet and got straight to the point, He knew how to fix my problems very well- I ordered his money spells it has changed my life 360 degrees. I feel so happy since Ive got a new job and I was promote last week. About my family, my wife and kids are back. It took only 3 weeks for him to show me the results... THANKS FOR ALL!" - Sandro


"I can not thank you enough!!! You were right, letting the spell run its course and not worrying about it, I got more and more scratch lottery wins and I feel like I got my life back! This is more than I could have hoped for. :) :) If the spell wears out, I will contact you again, THANK YOU!!!" -Richard

"LUXOR BLACK MAGICK SPELL WORK I WON $1500 ON A SCRATCH CARD FOUR DAYS AFTER HE CAST A SPELL FOR ME!" -Adam Ch. "I wanted to thank you for all your help. There are a lot of people trying to scam others but it's good to know that there are persons like you who are here to help people. you are the real deal! I'll never forget what you've done for me. You have gained my gratefulness and if I ever need another spell, I will contact you." - Paul

Dear Luxor, I’m dropping by to leave my comment about your fantastic work! I hope you don’t mind if I don’t say anything about my case here. I don’t want anyone to know about it. I hope you understand. Well, I am sure you do. You always told me that discretion and respect of my privacy is a very important aspect of your work.

Anyway I am thankful for what you did for me! It was so nice from you to cast a spell for me. There are many casters on internet but when I saw your site I wanted to go with you. Since you are also prompt to answer and always kind and calm, it was the right choice to make.

You are a great witch and a fantastic person! I know witchcraft should not be used too much but I hope you can cast more spells for me in the next future. I have other problems I would like you to fix. I am so confident with your work that I can’t imagine someone else casting my spells!" -Alicia

"It took a while for the spell to work (almost 9 weeks) but it was worth to wait. I thank you Moirai for your spell and also for always answering my emails. You helped me to stay confident and positive and I will never forget your help. Keep up the excellent work!" -Rosemary A.

"I was so desperate, I didn’t know where else to turn! My wife left me with my 3 children to take care by my own. I contacted High-Priest Luxor and he gave me hope to manage and go forth in life. Mr.Luxor, your spell is truly powerful as you say!" -Stefan S

"dear Mr.Luxor, thanks for the money spell! ive been to the bingo last saturday with $60. my luck was insane and I got the bonanza many times! it was crazy. every body was staring at would have laugh hard to see that, they were all super jealous of my good fortune this night!!!!! i won over $7000 and its exactly what i wanted to pay my debts. thanks to your spell my family can breathe without all the persons harassing us everyday to get their money back. i am very happy of your spell and can't wait to see what else it will do for me. thank you!!!" -Myriam

"Dear Luxor, I will never thank you enough for helping me this way in my life and you know how was my situation when I came to you... A real disaster. Now everything's fine many thanks to you. Kisses." Jean-Marc.

The spells that you have gave me have worked and I am really grateful to you for helping me out. I am speechless. I never knew this could work. But when it was time to cast the spell and I had to believe in it and I did! It has worked out100% for me and I thank you very much indeed." -Sara

Hello, Luxor I thank you so much, I got the results that I've expected. I am so happy now. Thanks so much. Kriss Murphy

"I have to tell everyone Luxor is a genius warlock! I ordered lottery spells from many different casters but none have worked. Last tuesday I striked a 5 numbers jackpot at megamillions. I won more than $130,000. A promess is a promess, I will give a part of this to charity." -Mako

Simply the best online spell caster! I've had results with others but never in such a terrific way. THANK YOU LUXOR!" -Sigmund

Dear MR.Luxor, Your help was really appreciated. All the happy news I recently got came after your spell. Hope you don't mind if I don't mention the details of my case. The most important for me is to share my satisfaction on your site. Thanks again for your help." - Hortense

All my life i've been living aimlessly, in the shadows of life...
Then i found Luxor and he truly is a godsend.
Suddenly life has colors & smells that i find truly inspiring.
Now i can finally say that i live life with a smile on my face.
God bless him and his work.

Thank you so much." -Jorge